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Art Prints, choose your size and image

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Art Prints, 12x18, printed on high quality paper

choose your size:
Print only, (12x18, packaged with backing board ready for your own frame and mat), or Framed (ready to hang, in 16x20 frame with mat)

choose from 4 Images by Esk'etemc Artists:
"Esk'etemc Prayers" by Jacinta Sampson (lustre)
"Aurora" by Linda Sampson (glossy)
"Mr. Flippers" by Leona Belleau (glossy)
"Wolves" by Olivia Johnson (lustre)

Glossy paper: vibrant colours with a highly reflective, glossy finish
Lustre paper: popular semi-gloss with vibrant colours

- thank you for supporting the Arts and emerging Artists at Esk'et!