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Esk'etemc Calendars 2020 - now available!

- with Secwepemctsin language
"Medicine Wheel Teachings" - Art by Esk̓etemc Artists

This calendar has 12 paintings, around the 4 directions of the medicine wheel.
Pesxenmekst - West - Fall, Tqeltkekst - North - Winter, Secwicekst - South - Summer, Secwepemcekst - East - Spring

Artwork done by Esk̓etemc artists: Molly Johnson, Basil Robbins, Jahpa Belleau, Annmarie Johnson, Linda Sampson, Jonathan Hand, Rosaire Dick

In July of 2018, we held the Esk'etemc Canvas Art Project, a workshop dedicated to advancing artistic skills & sharing the stories behind our art  learn more..

Art Prints and Art Cards from this workshop now available!

the Artists

Leona Belleau - Linda Sampson - Jacinta Sampson - Olivia Johnson

Art Prints

Available as 11x14 or fullsize Canvas


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