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2 months ago

Esk'etemc News
happy to share this note from Susan from the WL office - Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development: "We have dedicated the entrance area on the 3rd floor of 640 Borland to hanging Indigenous work. We are so pleased to share that these 4 pieces were hung today along with the artist biographies. They look fabulous!!" - kukwstsetsemc, thank you, Susan!framed art pieces by Jacinta Sampson, Leona Belleau, Linda Purple, Olivia JohnsonBack in 2018, we held an Arts Workshop at Esk'et, facilitated by Dakelh artist Clayton Gauthier and supported by the Central Cariboo Arts and Culture -it was amazing and community support was felt by the artists.At the Art Gala, artists had opportunity to share on their pieces, and their paintings were temporarily displayed at the Esk'et Cafe.The Cafe has since been able to complete renovations, and create a specific Art Wall with spot lighting, where these first originals were displayed in 2018 - specifically for displaying further Esk'etemc art pieces and growing artistic opportunities.Esk'etemc artists - talk to Grace or Bettina to display your art at the Cafe! ...
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"Ctsenmewsctem re Stsmemelt" - Esk'etemc Documentary Film Now Available Online!