Businesses and Affiliates

Esk'etemc is a community that has been expanding rather rapidly in the past 10 years; a water filtration plant, a recovery centre, a new Governance office, a new ARM office, a new school, a new Daycare center and youth center, a new Firehall, and the biomass plant, all have been built and are in operation. And there's also the Esk'et Sawmill which has been running since 2019.

The community has built a strong foundation in the forestry industry with two successful companies, ARM Ltd. (Alkali Resource Management Ltd.), and establishing a joint venture with Tl'esqox to form CAFE (Cariboo Aboriginal Forestry Enterprises).

There is always room for ambitions and aspirations, and the people of Esk'et continue to aim higher in order to build a sustainable economy.

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