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Post-Secondary Education

Sxoxomic Community School & Headstart

Esk'etemc Daycare


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Sxoxomic Community School & Headstart - Year 2022/23

Staff Members

Calvin Dubray, Education Director -
Andrea Dan, Executive Assistant -
Frieda Belleau, Community Education Coordinator -
Jeanette Paul, K4 Teacher
Serina Sampson, K5 Teacher
Ashlie Pickles, Grade 1/2 Teacher -
Casey Thomas, Grade 1/2 EA
Rae Neill, Grade 3/4 Teacher -
Cheryl Paul, Grade 3/4 EA
Allison Paul, SLPA -
Doris Johnson, Grade 5 Teacher
Roxanne Johnson, Grade 5 EA
Dorothy Johnson, Grade 6/7 Teacher -
Vanessa Paul, Grade 6/7 EA -
Marla Renn, Grade 8/9 Teacher
Zena Chelsea, Grade 8/9 EA
Ric Lulua, P.E. Teacher
Bertha Robbins, Language and Culture
Barbara Chelsea, Elder in Residence
Catherine Getz, Educational Services Coordinator
Sadie Edwards and Summer Lewis, Educational Assistants

Maria Paul, Kitchen Cook
Shane Belleau, Maintenance
Tammy Kasoney, Custodian
Molly Johnson, Custodian

Sxoxomic School Mission

Growing a healthy and safe Sxoxomic learning environment to inspire educational success and achievement as proud Esk'etemc.

Cathy's Early Years Centre (Daycare)

Cathy's Early Years Centre offers group child care for infants that are 2 months to a year old, and toddlers aged 1 to 4 years old.
Language Nesting, taught by Julianna Johnson, is also provided in hopes of developing a foundation for children to learn in order to rekindle the Secwepemc language for years to come.

Staff Members
Karen Litke, Daycare Manager -
Myrtle Johnson, Early Childhood Educator (ECE)
Edna Johnson, Infant/Toddler ECE
Theresa Robbins, Infant/Toddler ECE
Seraphine Johnson, Support Worker
Shaylene Grinder, Support Worker
Post-Secondary Education
  • The Education Coordinator administers the Post-Secondary Program and offers High School Support services.

Calvin Dubray, Education Director -
Language & Culture

R. Irene Johnson, Language & Culture Coordinator -

The program plans, prepares, and presents the Aboriginal Head Start Program in accordance with the 6 components - culture and language, education, health promotion, nutrition, social support, and parental and family involvement - within the requirements and regulations of the Community Care Facility Act.

If you require information regarding Aboriginal Head Start on Reserve visit the following link here, or Esk’etemc’s Head Start/Day Care Program, or please contact Renee at 250-440-5651 extension 219.