Esk'et Sawmill (cník'meń)

Purchased by Esk'etemc in 2011, the sawmill was fully operational in 2019. To this day, the sawmill is owned and operated by the community, and they have a wide selection of rough cut lumber and timber for sale.

The sawmill also provides contracting services for home construction of log and timber frames for First Nations, on-reserve and off. In addition, they also have handcrafted outdoor log furniture and structures.

Please, check out their website: Esk'et Sawmill

The Crew
Tino Siedler, Manager -
Kyle Weir, Supervisor, Mill Operator, Log Home Builder
Audrey Grinder, Builder
Gordie Grinder, Builder
Kelly Paul, Mill and Equipment Operator
Greg Harry, Builder
Phone: 250-440-5611, ext. 302
Direct Phone: 250-302-0264