Esk'etemc Lands & Resources

Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday, 8:30am - 5pm
Friday, 8:30am - 1:30pm

Phone: 250-302-3640


still shot from "Ctsenmewsctem re Stsmemelt" - film by Jeremy Williams

Lands & Resources

Guided by the Esk’etemc and Land Settlement Vision, Mission, Objectives and Strategic Plans, the Lands & Resources office works on the post-treaty development of the Esk'etemc governance framework model, as well as land use planning.


The team is responsible for developing and maintaining all incoming/outgoing referrals,  through the Referrals Tracking System (RTS) database, and the overall conduct between the Ministries, Proponents, and Esk’etemc.

TUS Research/Transcriptions
The team has been digitizing the entire library of recorded audio of elders testimonies, oral history, place names, territory markers, etc. This includes written documents, the in-house library, video footage, recorded audio, and all kinds of research that has been done and collected since the early 90s.
While the Land Settlement office closed after the community vote to step away from the BC Treaty process (Feb 2016) , the work continues with the information that has been gathered.

Yucwemintem re Tmicws re Esk'etemc Society

Mission: To assert Esk'etemc title and rights on Esk'etemculucw by protecting, using and managing all the resources through language, cultural practices, traditional laws and guidance from the Creator.

Esk'etemc declared Title and Rights over the traditional territory of Esk'etemculucw on May 8, 2017.

Staff Members

Sheryl Johnson, Office Administrator -
Kevin Chelsea, Lands & Resources Coordinator -
Cary Johnson, Referrals Worker -
Owen (Snewt) Chelsea, Land & Resources Researcher/GIS Tech -

Sharmon Lulua, Yucwemintem Coordinator -