CD – Alkali Lake Hand Drummers


CD – Alkali Lake Hand Drummers

Songs of the Esk’etemc from the Secwepemc Nation


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Alkali Lake Hand Drummers CD
Songs of the Esk'etemc from the Secwepemc Nation, 2003

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1. Introduction & Prayer - Julianna Johnson "Estri7welcken"
2. Grizzly Bear Song - Arthur Dick "Seymelst"
3. Sweathouse Song - Fred Johnson Sr. "Mus to Kenkeknem"
4. Healing Song - Jeannie Belleau "Wuqwpetkwe"
5. Peace Song - Arthur Dick, with Boone Johnson
6. Four Bears Song - Fred Johnson Sr.
7. Unity Song - Arthur Dick
8. Sweathouse Song - Arthur Dick
9. Road Song - Arthur Dick
10. Song for the Young People - Arthur Dick
11. Thanksgiving Song - Jeannie Belleau
12. Berry Picking Song - Willard Dick
13. Stick Game Song - Arthur Dick
14. Creator Help Us Song- Fred Johnson Sr.
15. Closing Prayer - Elsie Johnson

performed by Arthur Dick, Fred Johnson Sr, Julianna Johnson, Jeannie Belleau, Charlene Belleau, Frederick Johnson Jr. "Spyu7uwi te Scecpelst", Elsie Johnson, Tommy Harry, Richard Dick, Willard Dick, Rose Dick, Tom Alphonse
coordinated by Carolyn Ryan, recording by Dennis Manuel

copyright © 2003 Esk'etemc