So anyway, this summer we all went and worked at the Elder's Gathering at Williams Lake. I have a mess of pictures, I should post the ones I took some time. We picked the perfect time to be working out doors because the skies just opened up. Before heading into the curling rink to get my ride to the arena, I drove to different gas stations to look for umbrellas. It was 6 in the morning so Surplus Herbies wouldn't have been open. I lucked out that that palce beside Timmies. They had a few on sale and I bought them out.

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That entire week, I spent all my time in the back of the arena arguing with the VIPs. I think reserved parking generates VIPs because there were about 30 spaces for parking, but that meant 18,401 cars pulled up to park in back.

Plus, there's a pothole back there that liked to be full of water and I'd always stand right beside the damn thing while a car was going by. People would be sorry for splashing me, then I'd have to tell them it happened more than once because I should have known not to stand there. But, a really nice person came along and gave me a small weaved basket. I keep it on my shelf at the house.

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