Happy Holidays 2016

They sorted through the library files and came up with a priority list of things that needed to be scanned. Chelsea and I began scanning with gusto. Before long, those shelves were empty and we had to begin entering it all into the Endnote database. During all this, Lucy and Doreen moved to the band office and I stayed to continue working and scanning. When Chelsea was done, she had went through the cabinets and marked many file folders as priority.

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Our databases grew ~220 times in size from when I started to the beginning of summer 2016. Since summer, I’ve been pinging away at the giant amount of new data. For use in referrals, having to search a few different databases then match map files that we may or may not have, has always been time consuming even when our databases were nowhere near as large. I had a few ideas to streamline this, but never had the time try and implement them until fall of this year. I set about trying 3 different ways and chose one that I knew well.

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