My experience as Support service

Thank you Esketemc for allowing me to work with amazing people at the Governance Building and the old Treaty Building. I will also include Health building just because, and Janet may read this and wonder why I never included her. She is still my boss 🙂

Day 1: Tossed in the deep end where Gloria did an amazing job showing me the complicated wonderful inner workings of Esketemc. When Gloria wasn't there it was Edna doing an amazing job mentoring me.

Day (Blurring together): I feel comfortable to work by myself because they just tossed me off the cliff leaving me to fly or die. I flew. I found myself at Support services and was ready to do magnificent things thanks to Gloria and Edna. Got to work with more amazing Eskets such as Corinne, Kevin, June, Cary, Madeline, and Renee.

Last day: Got a cake and enjoyed everyone's company before I go to Victoria.

I'll be going to school at the University of Victoria this fall and will be back in the student cave where I have no social life so it was nice talking to humans. Back to student hermit life. Was good to be home with the wonderful dust and wandering horses. I will miss it all!

Carolyn Belleau

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