Operations & Maintenance/Housing

Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday, 8am - 4:30pm
Friday, 8am - 1pm

Phone: 250-440-5611

Located in the Governance building.

Staff Members
  • Wilson Chelsea, O&M Manager - wilsonc@esketemc.ca
  • Tahnea Alphonse, Residential Property Manager - housing@esketemc.ca
  • Brett Potter, Capital Projects Officer - capitalmanager@esketemc.ca
  • Jasmin Johnson, Office Assistant
  • Edmond Edwards, Biomass Maintenance
  • Wayne Chelsea, Heavy Equipment Operator
  • Kip Robbins,  Journeyman Carpenter
  • Doreen A. Johnson, Janitor
  • Karl Ignatius, Recycling
  • TJ Rosvold-Mills, Sanitation Worker/Dump Truck Driver

  • Operations and Maintenance

The O&M team plans, coordinates and implements repair, maintenance and capital projects and is responsible for building & community maintenance. O&M runs the Water Treatment Program, and handles sewer, sanitation and snow removal.

  • Housing

The Housing Coordinator oversees the Housing Program, and is responsible for the collection of rent, communication, implementing of the Housing Policy, and the overseeing of CMHC and band-owned housing and repairs/renovation projects.


In April 2022, O&M staff had attended training from IZWTAG (Indigenous Zero Waste Technical Advisory Group) in order to help the community improve waste management as a means of protecting the environment through recycling and other various methods of waste reduction, i.e. composting. Current Capital Projects consist of a band-operated Eco-Depot in the future.