About Us

Esk'etemc is a forward-thinking community, dedicated to community well-being, with strong cultural values and connection to the land.

After coming through a dark period of oppressive systems being enforced, Esk'etemc is now stepping into their true authority and strength, by reclaiming their rightful place as caretakers of Esk'etemculucw (the land of the Esk'etemc). This is done by honouring the ancestors and those who have brought us to this place, along with the traditional teachings. The children are at the centre of what Esk'etemc does and stands for. Learn More

Esk'etemc is a community known for it's legendary efforts and successes in addictions recovery and healing, beginning in the early 1970's. The story and movie "The Honour of All", have traveled far and wide, as a compelling and inspiring example for community healing. The Annual AA Roundup hosted by the community happens every July at the local powwow arbor. Learn More