Esk'etemc Support Services

Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday, 8:30am - 5pm
Friday, 8:30am - 1:30pm

Phone: 250-440-5611

About Us
Our Mission is to support all members of Esk'et, and their families, in their life journey towards holistic wellness. We achieve this by offering family support services, along with outreach support, and youth programming. We look forward to offering more services for our community as our team grows.


stillshot from "Ctsenmewsctem re Stsmemelt" - film by Jeremy Williams

  • Family Support - The family support team is here to assist through healing circles and family group conferences.  The team works with the community and leadership in providing safe living situations for all Esk'etemc families and children.
  • Justice - The justice worker develops alternative programming to deal with deterrence and prevention, sentencing and rehabilitation. The justice worker will liaise with Crown Counsel, RCMP and Corrections to support Esk'etemc members and their needs.
  • Social Assistance - The social assistance dept works in collaboration with other departments: EcDev, Family Support, Justice, Housing and Health, to promote and support social programs and services.
  • Community Recovery Management -  The recovery manager manages the transition from a response Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) to one focused on recovery, and is responsible for planning and implementation of the recovery plan.
Staff Members
  • Beatrice Anthony - Community Wellness Director -
  • Karen Robbins, Justice Worker -
  • Heather Johnson, Income Assistance Worker -
  • Tracy Whitford, Family Support Worker -
  • Alice Tresierra, First Nations Representative Worker -
  • Nancy Wycotte, Community Wellness Assistant