Esk'etemc Economic Development


Hours of Operation: Mon - Thurs, 8am -5pm
Phone 250-440-5611


  • Employment & Training
    The EcDev team assists community members with employment services, including help with resumes and job search. They maintain a job board and offer access to job and training resources. They create and coordinate specific training and workshops in-community, and promote CCATEC programs to better equip community members with employable skills.
  • Economic Development
    The EcDev team coordinates creative & cultural projects, working with resources available within the community, and by extending their funds with applications to grants and other external funding opportunities.  They are involved in the developing of skilled trades workers, by offering resources and support. They manage the community garden, and are in process of updating the Esk'etemc Strategic Plan for sustainable community economic development.
      Staff Members

      Bettina Johnson, Employment & Training/Economic Development Manager -
      Ashley George, Employment & Training/Economic Development -

      Recent EcDev Projects

      Canvas Art Project - July 2018

      A workshop dedicated to advancing artistic skills & stories behind our art.
      We hosted an Art Gala at the Esk'etemc cafe, where the artists had a chance to share on their art & processes.

      thank you to Dakelh artist/mentor Clayton Gauthier!

      learn more:

      Green Gazette "Making Space for Things to Happen"

      paintings by Leona Belleau, Jahpa Belleau, Jacinta Sampson, Linda Sampson, Annmarie Johnson, Olivia Johnson

      keep tuned for Art Prints and Art Cards from this workshop - available for purchase soon!

      NVIT Bridging to Trades - Apr 9 - Jun 29, 2018

      a 12-week Introductory Trades Course in-community, incl 2 weeks foundational training each in:
      Welding, Plumbing, Electrical, Machining, Essential Skills, Employment Readiness

      - sponsored by CCATEC
      - thanks to NVIT for delivering this amazing program in-community!


      graduates Amanda Dan, Phillip Robbins Jr, Crystal Peters, Chris Chelsea, Justin Johnson, Nicole Samson, Dean Chelsea, Tikkeon Grinder, Edward Dick

      film on program to come - stay tuned!

      Youth Film Project - March 2018
      with mentors Jeremy Williams, Casey Bennett, Sherisse Mousseau

      with the generous support of the  FPCC

      learn more:

      Green Gazette "Generations of Esk'etemc - a youth film project"

      short film by Kelly Paul, Desirae Paul, Leona Belleau, Annmarie Johnson

      Esk'etemc Photobook Project - March 2018

      A workshop for the developing of the 1st Esk'etemc photobook.
      A project for increasing skills in photobook layout and design, while commemorating the historic event of May 8, 2017 for the community and beyond.

      - thank you to mentor/photographer Casey Bennett!

      Learn more: The Green Gazette "Celebration & Ceremony - One For the Books"

      The photobook can be purchased here!