Support Services


Support Services

Beatrice Anthony


by Beatrice Anthony

As the Social Development Department Manager, I am responsibility for the administration of the Esk’etemc Social Service program, with adherence to the Social Development Policy and Procedures Manual.  Through the provision of quality social program and service support, which is offered to all Band members in need of basic living support.  The Social Development department also works in collaboration with other departments, such as Training Employment, Family Support, Justice, Housing, and Health to promote and support social programs and services.

Guidelines to Apply for Assistance

Only if you are in need and have no other resources, you may be eligible for income assistance.  Income Assistance can help support your transition to employment.

You may be eligible if you find yourself in any of these situations:

  • You’re out of work or not earning enough to meet your basic needs
  • You’re waiting for other sources of money to arrive
  • You can’t work at all
  • You urgently need food, shelter or medical attention

Your Responsibilities

Before you apply and while you receive assistance, you have the responsibility to:

  • Conduct a work search before your eligibility interview date, unless you’re exempt
  • Seek out any other income that you may be able to get
  • Take part in employment and/or training programs you get referred to
  • Be available for any job you are able to do
  • Take personal responsibility for becoming self-supporting as fast possible
  • Have, or apply for, a social insurance number
  • Provide appropriate identification for yourself and other family members
  • Make sure all the information you provide is true and complete
  • Communicate any change in your circumstances that may change your eligibility

The Esketemc Social Services can only provide available resources to people who meet eligibility criteria.

*You must look for and use all other sources of income and assets before you apply.


Employment Coordinator

Bettina is responsible for the delivery of the economic development program by assisting with development, approval and monitoring of small business and venture developments within the Esk’etemc.  The coordinator assists in the development of proposals for CCATEC programs and courses and other proponents.

Bettina Johnson

Family Support

Advocating and support was MCFD and court proceedings, recruiting and maintaining safe alternatives to living situations for children, parenting programs, permanency planning, Aboriginal Family Group conferences, healing circles.

Caprice Billyboy

David Johnson

Justice Program

Support and advocacy for court proceedings, follow up and support for probation orders, alternative measures, restorative justice circles establishing positive working relationships with all collaterals in the community. Assistance with community concerns

Radio Personality

A member of the Esk’etemc band and has been working for the Esk’etemc band since 2000 and she is responsible for the radio station announcements, communication, and updates.

Corrine Johnson