Support Services


Support Services

Beatrice Anthony

Social Service Manager

Beatrice started Nov 2017. 

The Social Development Department Manager oversees the responsibility for the administration of the Esk’etemc Social Services, with adherence to the Social Development Policy and Procedures Manual.   Develops and maintain a high quality Social Development program service and support for all Band members.  Works in collaboration to support and promote community and individual self-sufficiency.   Social development programs and services includes eligibility testing for income assistance and the payment of allowances; the National Child Benefit Reinvestment (NCBR); and Training and Employment Support Initiative (TESI).  All of which include a wide range of program service and support activities of social and economic development nature

Employment Coordinator

Bettina is responsible for the delivery of the economic development program by assisting with development, approval and monitoring of small business and venture developments within the Esk’etemc.  The coordinator assists in the development of proposals for CCATEC programs and courses and other proponents.

Bettina Johnson

Family Support

Advocating and support was MCFD and court proceedings, recruiting and maintaining safe alternatives to living situations for children, parenting programs, permanency planning, Aboriginal Family Group conferences, healing circles.

Caprice Billyboy

David Johnson

Justice Program

Support and advocacy for court proceedings, follow up and support for probation orders, alternative measures, restorative justice circles establishing positive working relationships with all collaterals in the community. Assistance with community concerns

Radio Personality

A member of the Esk’etemc band and has been working for the Esk’etemc band since 2000 and she is responsible for the radio station announcements, communication, and updates.

Corrine Johnson