DVD Honour of All – Part 1


the Honour of All – the Story of Alkali Lake, 1985, 100min

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Honour of All – Part 1 – Feature Presentation (1985)

In the early 1940s, the people of Alkali Lake began receiving alcohol from the trading posts for their furs, rather than food or clothing. Alcoholism rapidly spread throughout the reserve until every man, woman, and child was drinking.
Andy Chelsea and his wife Phyllis Chelsea played their own roles in the film as they sought sobriety and courageously stood their ground against the persuasion of friends and family.
In 1971, Phyllis made the first move. She made the decision to quit drinking and less than a week later, so did her husband Andy. Andy soon became chief and together they made gradual changes.
For the first two years, they were leading a lonely lifestyle, but persevered. Among other strategies, they introduced voucher systems instead of cheques so the children of Alkali Lake would have food and clothes. They put a stop to all bootlegging and raised money to send people to treatment centres. One by one, people joined them, and 14 years later they went from 100% alcoholic to 95% sober.
While the “The Honour of All” dramatically portrays the painfully slow road back to sobriety, it gives hope and inspiration to Native people and all people affected by alcoholism. We see the importance of community support, love and forgiveness and how individual lives can be reclaimed.