DVD – Ctsenmewsctem re Stsmemelt


a documentary film on Esk’etemc Declaration of Title & Rights, by Jeremy Williams

– running time 39min, DVD includes Special Features:
“Yucwemintem re Tmicws re Esk’etemc”, 8min shortfilm and “Generations of Esk’etemc” youth shortfilm

Also find the trailer and full movie on Vimeo to watch online https://vimeo.com/ondemand/ctsenmewsctem

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a film by Jeremy Williams, River Voices Productions

- running time 39min, DVD includes Special Features:
"Yucwemintem re Tmicws re Esk'etemc", 8min shortfilm & "Generations of Esk'etemc" youth shortfilm

Esk'etemc declared Title and Rights over the traditional territory of Esk'etemculucw on May 8, 2017.
This documentary film follows Esk'etemc on their path to self-determination, with compelling insights into their cultural and traditional way of life.
"Ctsenmewsctem re Stsmemelt" is the expression of a remote community stepping back into their power, as they reclaim their heritage and their land, declaring who they are and what their rightful place is.
The Esk'etemc are standing up their children, their language and their traditions, by reviving their traditional governance system.
After coming through a dark period of having their lands pre-empted and their traditional way of life suppressed, they are now healing and declaring their rightful place as caretakers of their land.

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