Headstart / Daycare

The program plans, prepares, and presents the Aboriginal Head Start Program in accordance to the six components: culture and language, education, health promotion, nutrition, social support, and parental and family involvement within the requirements and regulations of the Community Care Facility Act.  The following staff involved in the program are: Myrtle Johnson, Edna Johnson (ECE), Allison Paul (ECE), Jeanette Paul, Jessica Chelsea, and Ann Dick.

If you require information regarding Aboriginal Head Start on Reserve visit the following link Aboriginal Head Start on Reserve or Esk’etemc’s Head Start/Day Care Program, please contact Renee at 250-440-5651 extension 219.

Sxoxomic School

Mission Statement:

Sxoxomic Community School is committed to providing a quality education, to develop a student’s full potential in an environment that enhances Esk’etemc Community Vision.

Philosophy Statement:

We believe that every student at Sxoxomic Community School has the right to be treated with dignity and respect and to be educated in the environment that best suits his or her needs.

Sxoxomic School Staff

  • Marlene Stevens


  • Sonya Stevens

    Grade 1 & 2

  • Doris Johnson

    Grade 5 & 6

  • Floyd Dick


  • Jeanette Paul

    Headstart Teacher

  • Cheryl Paul

    Headstart Teacher

  • Allison Paul

    Special Needs ECE

  • Valarie Johnson

    Education Assistant

  • Serina Sampson

    Education Assistant

  • Andrea Paul

    Executive Assistant

  • Arnold Harry


  • Mabel Paul



  • Jenessa Loewen

    Education Director