There are a lot of things going on right now, 2 entire buildings are on the move. First, the staff at the Support Services building have been moved. Cary and Kevin are now in the Lands and Resources office with Lucy and Doreen. Madeline, Andy, June, Renee, and Kevin Neufeld are now at Sxoxomic School and set up office at the old Shuswap Room.

The Esk'etemc First Nations Governance and Lands Building, the top floor houses the band administration team, across the hall is the Lands and Resource department.

Mission Statement: “To provide a holistic community based health program to foster the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well-being of the Esk’etemc”.

Eskk'etemc Enterprises Complex, the Alkali Lake Store, Alkali Resources Management offices, and EcoLink are located here.

Mission Statement: Sxoxomic Community School is committed to providing a quality education, to develop a student’s full potential in an environment that enhances Esk’etemc Community Vision.

Mission Statement

“Esk’etemc is collectively providing progressive economic opportunities whose purpose is to preserve Esk’etemc culture and spirituality while protecting Secwepemculucw through promoting and reviving Secwepemctsin for future generations”

Beliefs and Philosophy

Esk’etemc – Tsemne7’pleThe Creator gave us this land to look after; and everything that grows on it. The Creator, Kalkukpe7, has given the Esk’etemc the duty to protect and safeguard our lands, forests, air, water, medicines and the life that they sustain within our Traditional Territory. more

Statement of Intent

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Our Background

Esk’etemc is a Secwepemctsin speaking group.  Esk’etemc has 19 reserves situated on the Fraser River southwest of Williams Lake, with an approximate total area of 3,800 hectares.  Esk’etemc’s administrative offices and the majority of the population are located on IR #1 (Esk’et) about 50 kilometres from Williams Lake on the east side of the Fraser River at Alkali Lake.  The current Esk’etemc population is 809 members with 384 members on-reserve and 349 off-reserve.  Esk’et reserve has its own fire hall, store, gas station, radio station, and a facility from which Esk’etemc controls and administers health and justice programs. Esketemc

Esk’etemc provides holistic and spiritual guidance assisting First Nations and non-First Nations in fasting quests, sweat lodges, elders sauna, drumming, gathering of plants and medicines.  Esk’etemc leadership is renowned for providing guidance and support in recovery programs.  Also, the Esk’etemc has a very successful community garden and in the fall offers a hunting camp.

Two ice hockey rinks are maintained by volunteers throughout the winter and summer months, a baseball and soccer field are available through the school, and a Pow Wow arbor is located on one of our reserves, where the Esk’etemc Annual AA Round Up is held every year.

Esk’etemc members are employed in the forestry and ranching sectors, and entrepreneurs operate contracting and catering businesses.  Esk’etemc runs Ecolink which conducts silviculture work and during peak season employs about 70 people, approximately 90% of who are Aboriginal.  Timber tenures are managed on behalf of Esk’etemc by Alkali Resource Management Limited which is owned by Esk’etemc.  In addition, Esk’etemc has skilled construction companies which operates on the reserve.

Esk’etemc (Alkali Lake) is located south-west from Williams Lake an approximately 50km drive. Follow Hwy 20-West until you reach the Dog Creek Road turn off (2.5km or 2 minutes up highway) follow Dog Creek Road for 45 minutes (half pavement/half gravel) until you arrive at the above sign. You arrived at Esk’etemc. Alkali Lake map link: Alkali Lake Google Map

Sxoxomic School Curriculum Implementation Day – Students Do Not Attend
Feb 3 all-day
Sxoxomic School Family Day Holiday , School is closed
Feb 13 all-day
Sxoxomic School Professional Development Day – Students Do Not Attend
Feb 17 all-day
Sxoxomic School Spring Break, School is closed
Mar 20 – Mar 31 all-day
Sxoxomic School – April 3, 2017 First day back a fter Spring Break
Apr 3 all-day
Sxoxomic School – April 14, 2017 Good Friday – School closed
Apr 14 all-day

Esk'et Tiny House!

A stunning, hand-crafted cabin, Esk’et Tiny House offers an extraordinary stay at Alkali Lake.

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