Esk'etemc Education Services


Sxoxomic Community School/Headstart

Post-Secondary Education

Post-Secondary Education
  • The Education Coordinator administers the Post-Secondary Program and offers High School Support services.

R. Irene Johnson - Education Coordinator -

Sxoxomic Community School

Staff Members

Jenessa Loewen - Principal -
Jeanette Paul - Headstart Teacher
Cheryl Paul -  Headstart Teacher
Calli Phillips, Kindergarden Teacher
Allison Paul, Education Assistant
Gail Brommit, Gr 1/2 Teacher
Allison Paul, Gr 1/2 Education Assistant
Stuart Krestell, Gr 3/4 Teacher
Zena Chelsea - Gr 3/4 Education Assistant
Doris Johnson, Gr 5/6 Teacher
Serina Sampson, Gr 5/6 Education Assistant
Floyd Dick, Secwepemctsin Language Teacher
Andrea Paul, Executive Assistant
Frieda Belleau, Adminstration
Stacey Swakum - School Chef
Molly Johnson, Custodian
Shane Belleau, Groundskeeper

Sxoxomic School Mission

Growing a healthy and safe Sxoxomic learning environment to inspire educational success and achievement as proud Esk'etemc.

Esk'etemc Daycare

  • The program plans, prepares, and presents the Aboriginal Head Start Program in accordance with the 6 components - culture and language, education, health promotion, nutrition, social support, and parental and family involvement - within the requirements and regulations of the Community Care Facility Act.
Staff Members

Ann Dick                  Daycare Manager -
Myrtle Johnson     Early Childhood Educator, ECE
Edna Johnson       Infant/Toddler, ECE 
Bertha Dick            Support Worker

If you require information regarding Aboriginal Head Start on Reserve visit the following link Aboriginal Head Start on Reserve or Esk’etemc’s Head Start/Day Care Program, please contact Renee at 250-440-5651 extension 219.